How to Spot a Homeschool Mom

JMJ 53 *Her teenagers are still fighting to see who gets to sit next to her at Sunday Mass. She invites entire families to birthday parties.  Thus parties can involve huge numbers of homeschoolers running around in the backyard. She may still be driving a van, to load up with her kids and her friends’…

Count Your Homeschool Blessings Part 2

JMJ 52  *Feeling a negative attitude creeping into my day, I think it is a great time to count some more of my blessings!  When life gets crazy and seems unmanageable, it is time to count my blessings, and realize that the trials of today are temporary.  Some days are just going to be plain difficult….

Letting go of the Excess Sentimental Clutter in Your Life

JMJ 51  *Doodle Bear, along with a couple of other bags of cast-aways, were taken to Goodwill today.  I tried to find a home for Doodle Bear amongst our homeschoolers, but it appears most moms are also housing an overabundance of stuffed friends already!  Ring the School Bell 51/180 Days Farewell dear Doodle Bear, who…

5 Ways to Graduate from College Debt-Free

JMJ 49  *Now I know there are private schools where the chances of graduating debt-free are pretty slim.  If your heart is set on one of these schools, the idea is to graduate with the least amount of debt possible.  The following  ideas to graduate completely debt-free, might not all be popular, but they are…

How to Ace your Music School Audition

JMJ 48  *The show must go on!  At the audition itself, advise your child not to freeze up if she makes an error.  As they say, when performing, pretend like you meant it!  People rarely play a piece perfectly while auditioning.  The judges also want to see how she will recover from a momentary lapse….