Thinkin’ ’bout Homeschooling for High School?

JMJ118  *Two of my girls are now at university, and have had nothing but positive feedback in regards to their homeschool background.  It seemed to make no difference that we checked off homeschool on their college applications.

Ring the School Bell 118/180 Days

The time has come finally!

We have worked so hard, Sabrina and I, to get to this moment.

Today, I walked out the door with Melissa and Sabrina to take a walk, and as I strolled  past the mailbox, something caught my attention.  A large envelope that didn’t quite fit inside the mailbox, beckoned, and upon inspection we noticed that it was from Loyola Marymount University, which was one of the schools Sabrina had applied to.  With hurried anticipation, Sabrina ripped it open to find out that she was chosen to be one of the incoming 1300 freshman.  As this was her first choice school, she was absolutely ecstatic.  Sabrina getting admitted just made our day!

Not knowing too many homeschoolers her age, I wasn’t sure how open-minded universities would be to someone with a non-mainstream background.  I really didn’t know if there would be any bias towards her and other homeschoolers.  This was confirmation that I needn’t worry about that!

Let’s go fast forward a little bit.  Maybe this can be encouraging to those of you who are a little timid about your kids being homeschooled through high school.

Thinkin’ ’bout Homeschooling for High School?

Two of my girls are now at university, and have had nothing but positive feedback in regards to their homeschool background.  It seemed to make no difference that we checked off homeschool on their college applications.

They both received scholarships, some large some small.  By the way, this book really helped us and it would be helpful to read it in your child’s freshman year in high school, if possible, in order to do some planning. (Although I didn’t know about this book until Sabrina’s senior year in high school, I still got some great ideas from it)

Confessions of a Scholarship Winner: The Secrets That Helped Me Win $500,000 in Free Money for College. How You Can Too. by [Ellis, Kristina]

Sabrina is currently in her last semester at university.  I am purposely not saying which university, because I don’t want to give any spoilers to my journal readers.

Both Sarah’s and Sabrina’s passion for learning was not stifled by being in a traditional classroom for years on end.  They learned much self-motivation from their homeschooling years and take their classes very seriously, and are both excelling academically.  They are shocked that many classmates would choose to “skip” class or not do extra credit for more points.

Melissa is now taking community classes as a sophomore in high school.  Her drawing professor, which she had last year, found out how young she was after she made an interesting face when her professor addressed her class as “all adults”.  From that point on he called her a child prodigy.  However, I know that her artistic merit comes from all of the fine art classes she was able to take over the years, including high school, classes that we would have never been able to afford if we would have sent her to private school.

I am not bring this all up to brag about my kids, although I am proud of them.  I just want to give a little encouragement to those in the discernment process of whether or not to homeschool for high school.

Homeschooling high school is not as scary as it may seem, although if a child is new to homeschooling it may be a challenge at first for them to develop the self-starter study habits.  It is not as if the parent needs to instruct every class.  Courses can be “farmed out” to learning centers, community college, online classes, and DVDs.  Personally, I have used a combination of the above, as well as some old-fashioned textbook learning.

Besides, by the time they get to high school, a homeschooled student often wants to be more of an independent learner, anyway.  Oftentimes, they don’t want mom hovering over them as they complete their assignments.  So in that respect, it is much easier than homeschooling the younger crowd.

Give it some thought.

Homeschooling high school has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is an excerpt of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.

May God shower blessings on your family as he has on mine.    Annette




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  1. psitsperi says:

    As a homeschool student in Senior year, I completely agree and this was a great post! It seemed very intimidating at first to homeschool through high school but so far it’s not been bad at all

    1. Annette Marie says:

      That is fantastic to hear! We have had the same experience in our home. It sounds like you are in the home stretch. Good luck with your plans for the future!

      1. psitsperi says:

        Thank you so much!!

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