A Special Greek Salad- from Sarah’s allergy sensitive kitchen

What makes this particular recipe special, is the marinating of the vegetables overnight, as my mother used to do, in a homemade red wine-flavored salad dressing.  


A Special Greek Salad

Printable version here:

Recipe- Greek Salad


2 Hearts of Romaine, cut up or torn into bite-sized pieces

4 small tomatoes, sliced in thin wedges

2 persian cucumbers, thinly sliced

½ green pepper, chopped

½ red pepper, chopped

½ large red onion, chopped

20 or so Greek olives

1 cup feta cheese (I serve this on the side because of dairy allergies)

(If a little more protein is desired, serve with chopped chicken as an optional topping)



4 tablespoons red wine vinegar

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped (a food processor will mince these easily)

½ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon black pepper

2 teaspoons sugar

1 teaspoon oregano

2/3 cup olive oil

Dressing directions:

Whisk together all of the ingredients except for the olive oil.  Slowly pour in the olive oil while whisking constantly.

Salad directions:

Combine all of the vegetables except for the lettuce, in a large salad bowl.  Stir in ½ of the dressing, cover, and marinate overnight, stirring a few times.  Right before serving, toss in the lettuce and stir in the rest of the dressing.  Serve with feta cheese and chicken on the side, if desired.


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*Note:  Just what is Sarah’s allergy sensitive kitchen?  My daughter Sarah was born with multiple severe food allergies, some life-threatening.  The chief allergies include tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, and egg.  Through trial and error, I have adapted many recipes, so that she could, almost always, enjoy a version of what the rest of us were eating.  As challenging as that has been over the years, ultimately we are the healthier for it!  Our food contains less saturated fat and cholesterol, and we are less “nuts” than the rest of the population. (probably not!)  Most of the recipes which I have developed, I actually prefer, to their allergen-filled counterparts.  I hope you enjoy them too.  Feel free to leave feedback on any recipes you try, or about allergies in general.  Have a wonderful day!

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