How to Build the Homeschool High School Dossier

JMJ110  *These days, I imagine you can send the high school dossier electronically, instead of having to print a hard copy, although you may enjoy looking at a physical copy of the culmination of four years of hard work.  Not just your child’s hard work, but also all the hours you spent putting together her high school curriculum.  You are the champion here also!

Ring the School Bell 110/180 Days

Another fine day, with pops, visiting from Indiana.  With the kids spending their mornings doing independent academics, it has allowed me to go outdoors where I can usually find Dad reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of joe.  As long as it is sunny, which is most days in southern California, he can be found soaking up the rays of sunshine, perhaps thinking about the people back home shoveling snow!

In the afternoon, we all enjoyed a wonderful hike up Aliso Canyon, just a couple of miles down the road.

We also bid farewell to the Sochi Olympics together.

My father is now leaving on a side trip to spend time with my Uncle Attilio and his wife Denyse for a couple of days, and so I took the opportunity while he was gone to get some tax work and other paperwork done, as well as work on Sabrina’s high school “dossier” as USC describes it.

What the heck is a high school dossier?  That is what I first asked myself when USC requested one.

The “dossier” basically includes all of the high school courses which she has taken, along with the curriculum and class content of each.  A bit time consuming to put together, to say the least.

The High School Dossier

*Important- Not all universities require a high school dossier, so you might check with the universities that your student is applying to.

It is basically a summary of what your child has done with her high school years.  For each course taken, list the following:  Title, textbook/Curriculum used, key assignments,  course content, and supplementary information that you feel is valuable to the course.  This can take a while, so I would suggest splitting up the task into 4 sessions, one for each grade.


Example from Sabrina’s 12th grade piano course:

Piano 4

Textbook/Curriculum Used:

Private classical piano lessons by professional piano instructor, Keyboard Basics Music Theory workbook

Key Assignments:

  • Participate in private weekly instruction, with focus on classical piano.
  • Practice at least 1 hour/day.
  • Pass Certificate of Merit Exam Level 8.
  • Perform in first solo concert at Steinway Gallery in Pasadena.
  • Plan and direct a Variety Show of elementary school-aged musicians.
  • Direct own recital with own private lesson piano students.
  • Participate in at least 4 piano recitals during the course of the school year.
  • Attend at least 2 professional music performances.

Course Content:

Elements of study include: musical scale fluency, perfection of dynamics, musicality of classical pieces, music theory, ear training, sight reading, duets with violin and piano, performance techniques and accompanying techniques.

Supplementary Information:

Credentials of instructor include MM degree in piano and organ, 2001 Yerevan State Conservatory in Armenia Major- Organ/piano, 2003 University of North Carolina School of Arts Masters in Music, 2003-2004 Internship at the Lincoln Center in New York in connection with the Juilliard School of Music, present music studio in Los Angeles, church organist.



Example of Sabrina’s 12th grade French 5 Course:

French 5

Textbook/Curriculum Used:

Rosetta Stone French level 5 full-year language course, homeschool edition

Key Assignments:

  • Complete all lessons for level 5, using the Rosetta Stone interactive software program.
  • Complete midterm and final exam.

Course Content:

Four units include real-life situations.  Lessons include activities using the following skills:  pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading ,writing, listening, and speaking.

Supplementary Information:

Native French language support from parent.

These days, you can probably send the high school dossier electronically, instead of having to print a hard copy, although you may enjoy a physical copy of the culmination of four years of hard work.  Not just your child’s hard work, but also all the hours you spent putting together his high school curriculum.  You are a champion here also!


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