Mandarin Mango Smoothie- from Sarah’s allergy sensitive kitchen

My family members agreed that the flavors work well together in this recipe.  The mandarin and mango complement each other, with a little banana to make it nice and creamy.  The yogurt gives it a healthy protein punch.

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Mandarin Mango Smile Smoothie

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Cooking Level- Easy

Serving Size- 18 oz


3 mandarin oranges, chopped (about 1 cup)

1 mango, cut into chunks (about 1 cup)

1 medium banana, sliced (about ½ cup)

5 oz vanilla soy yogurt or any other kind of yogurt (1/2 cup)

½ cup ice


  1. Cut up fruit, and place into blender.
  2. Add ice and yogurt.
  3. Blend at high speed.
  4. Enjoy with a friend, or down it all yourself as a meal!

See here for a printable version of this recipe:

Recipe- Mango mandarin smile smoothie

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*Note:  Just what is Sarah’s allergy sensitive kitchen?  My daughter Sarah was born with multiple severe food allergies, some life-threatening.  The chief allergies include tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, and egg.  Through trial and error, I have adapted many recipes, so that she could, almost always, enjoy a version of what the rest of us were eating.  As challenging as that has been over the years, ultimately we are the healthier for it!  Our food contains less saturated fat and cholesterol, and we are less “nuts” than the rest of the population. (probably not!)  Most of the recipes which I have developed, I actually prefer, to their allergen-filled counterparts.  I hope you enjoy them too.  Feel free to leave feedback on any recipes you try, or about allergies in general.  Have a wonderful day!

Annette Marie




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