Hosting a Kid’s Variety Show: 8 Easy Steps

JMJ80  *Our 3rd Annual Variety Show is coming up soon!  It’s an event where our school-aged friends come over and share their talents, whether they be musical, theatrical, comedic, dance, you name it!  We have had so much fun in the past with this, packing the living room with young performers along with their parents.

Ring the School Bell 80/180 days

Sabrina and I shopped for a “scholarship” dress today, a dress for her upcoming live piano auditions.  We found a lovely one, which is modest, sweet, and elegant.  She is excited, nervous, and well-prepared for her performances.

As for the backyard makeover project, a truck dumped a load of pebbles, as well as yard mulch in our front yard, to be shoveled and hauled by us, to the backyard for our new landscaping.  A monumental task, but divided up between family members, not so bad.

Our 3rd Annual Variety Show is coming up soon at our place.  It’s an event where our young, school-aged friends come over and share their talents, whether they be musical, theatrical, comedic, dance, you name it!

We have had so much fun in the past with this, packing the living room to an extreme with the young performers along with their parents.  We have a large sliding glass door in the living room which we use as the perfect theater curtain.  Sabrina is planning to host the event this year as emcee.  We are squeezing in the show on Thursday, before Madeleine, Sabrina’s friend, heads off to her  east coast university.


Would you like to host your own Variety Show?

Think talent show, with a twist on the name.  If you break it down, it is not all that hard to put together and the kids love to showcase their talents!  Ideally, start planning 2 months ahead for 2 reasons:  the performers need some time to choose and hone their talents, and, just as important, this allows parents to put it on their calendar, before that space is taken up by some other worthy activity.

8 Easy Steps to host your own Variety Show:

Click here for a printed copy of the steps:  8 Easy Steps to host your own Variety Show

1.DELEGATE– Or if you have the energy and time, do it all yourself.  In our case, the kids came up with the idea, so I was the behind-the-scenes director, and let them do most of the work. I would advise getting involved, at least a little, to ensure the show is a success, and not a flop, for lack of planning, or neglecting a detail such as not creating a space for the drummer boy.  This is our 3rd annual show, so it should have a nice flow.  I will be in charge of the emails, Sabrina with the program and emcee duties, (Sarah was emcee in previous years and regaled the audience with her hysterical riddles and antics)  and Melissa and Sarah are my assistants on call, as well as performers.

2.SEND OUT AN EMAIL– Send out an interest email and collect the names of those who are interested. After that, send an email out to those who said they were interested, with the specific date and time of the show, as well as a deadline for an rsvp.  If kids know they want to participate, but don’t know at this point exactly what they want to do, which is common, that is okay.  I would also suggest not doing a potluck for the event, or else the anticipation of eating might become the focus, instead of the show.  We decided to do the show between meals, and brought out the snacks after the performance.

3.CHOOSE YOUR VENUE– The rsvp is important, because you need to decide where your venue is going to be. We have a max of about 50-60 in our home, which includes the kids.  So make the rsvp kind of a strict thing. We chose to host in our home, as it appeared that about 40-50 total, would attend.  A parish hall or school auditorium may be an option if your numbers are too high for a home-sponsored Variety Show.

4.BROCHURE– A brochure which lists the orders of the performers and their acts, is fun to follow along with during the show.  This can be something specific or elaborate.  We had a number of kids, who let us know at the last minute, what they would do, and so Sabrina filled in the gaps on the computer as guests arrived.  I would not recommend doing this unless you have the task delegated out to someone else, like Sabrina, in my case.  I don’t think the drummer quite knew what he was going to do, until he got on “stage”, but it was awesome all the same!

5.PREP HOUSE– While doing this, keep in mind talents and space needs, dancers (we have a large patio outside for this) seating, and audio visual arrangements.

6.EMCEE PREP– Make sure to discuss what is expected of this person, such as introducing each act as it comes up and encouraging applause.

7.KEEP IT ALL IN PERSPECTIVE– This is not going to be perfect, but it is going to be fun in a MAJOR way!

8.KICK BACK AND ENJOY THE SHOW! Over the years, performers have included drummers, pre-taped mystery movies starring the kids, claymation artist videos, flamenco dancers, piano performers, duets of all sorts, family choirs, violin players, comedy skits, and more.

I would love to hear of your experiences!

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is an excerpt of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.

May God shower blessings on your family as he has on mine.    Annette


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