Easing back into the homeschool routine

JMJ  *The week before school commences again is a good time to get back in the habit of getting up earlier, adjusting your household time zone, so it is not a shocker, and nobody experiences that tired “jet lag” feeling the first week back in school.

(Easing back into the routine ideas, located below, after the school diary)

Ring the School Bell 79/180 days

Besides getting back into the academic routine, which is going so so, a highlight this week included ice-skating outdoors in 70-degree weather.  What? Is that even possible?  Yes, it is, with the right ice-making equipment and our very own Zamboni ice-resurfacer!

We took photos of ourselves, with a southern California background of palm trees silhouetted against the grey sky.  Lucky us, we had the small rink practically to ourselves, as most of the school population was back in their brick and mortar buildings.  The ice was a little off, but even so, it gave us somewhat of a sense of winter.

Ice Skate W Hills (1 of 1)
Woodland Hills ice-skating rink

A little after-Christmas shopping produced a couple more light-up trees and an adorable outdoor “Bumbles” decoration, that lights up and everything.  Bumbles is the monster character with a toothache, on the very dated show, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, that we still watch every year.  Bumbles will add interest to my very “unique” collection of decorations.  I say unique, because what you find on clearance after Christmas, are often the special leftovers that were picked over, or returned.  Kind of like what you might find on the island of misfit toys on Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer!

Blog- Sarah Fine Art-studying on couch doodle006
Art by Sarah

How to ease back into the homeschool routine

  • Getting back into academics after a break doesn’t need to be a traumatic experience. Start slow.  Mix work with play.  This is exactly what we did when we took the afternoon off and went ice-skating.  The kids and I get a little depressed if we go full-time with the academics right away.

Snow WALL ART Christmas 07- Gingerbread

  • I leave math off of the schedule for a couple of weeks, because that is currently our most intense subject.  We get warmed-up, so to speak, with the less demanding subjects, then proceed to add the rest.

Snow WALL ART Christmas 14- Angels

  • I don’t know about you, but I do get up later during school breaks.  It happens every time, and it also happens with my children, whom I usually need to go pull out of bed every morning, Melissa excepted.  The week before school commences, is a good time to get back into the habit of getting up earlier, adjusting your household time zone, so it is not a shocker, and nobody experiences that tired “jet lag” feeling the first week back in school.

Snow WALL ART Christmas 09- Frosty Fun

  • For the first few weeks back, make meals simple, and keep chores to a minimum, to allow everyone a little mental adjustment time to the new pressures of academics.

Snow WALL ART Christmas 05- Elf Hats

  • Be positive and praise your kids as they plow through their activities.  Remind them and yourself, that a balanced life does include work, and vacations would not be so exciting if they lasted the whole year.  Well, maybe a year sabbatical would be nice every now and then!

Snow WALL ART Christmas 08- Snowballs

Any other ideas out there?

(Super fun fold&cut snowflake patterns, pictured above and designed by me, for ages middle school and up, can be found at www.paperflurry.etsy.com)

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