Perfect for parties and family fun! printable fold&cut paper snowflakes

(Super fun fold&cut snowflake patterns for ages middle school and up, can be found at

Perfect for holiday parties or family fun!

15 Fold&Cut paper patterns. Print all pages to make a complete book. By choosing this printable book option, you are getting 15 paper patterns for the price of 7! Set printer to best quality for optimal results.

The patterns include the following designs, which are all pictured in my shop:
1. Reason for the Season
2. Star of Bethlehem
3. Reindeer
4. Christmas Trees
5. Elf Hats
6. Jingle Bells
7. Gingerbread
8. Snowballs
9. Frosty Fun
10. Humble Stable
11. Candy Canes
12. Snowman Challenge
13. Holly Wreath
14. Angels
15. Holly Ho
+ Bonus Create Your Own Template

Explore the fun of an 8-sided snowflake-like creation, “Snows”, as I like to call them. After printing each paper design pattern from your computer, all you need to do is fold the paper three times, cut out 1/8 of the the image embedded on the wedge of paper, and then proceed to unfold the wedge in order unveil the beauty of symmetry!

This craft is similar to the age-old art of snowflake design. For many years when I was a classroom teacher, around the holidays my students and I would spend hours cutting out snowflakes to post on the walls for decorations. We would fold the paper multiple times, creating a wedge, then cut out different whimsical shapes, The symmetry created after unfolding the paper often produced spectacular results. Nowadays, I basically do the same thing, except I embed the snowflakes with an image or design. I hope you enjoy my “Snows” as much as I enjoy creating them!

These digital .pdf download patterns for the pictured love-themed designs, are pre-printed and ready to cut out, straight from the downloaded pattern if desired. Finished craft is approximately 8×8. Ages approximately 8 to adult, depending on skill level with scissors.

What a perfect crafty gift for yourself or a friend. The patterns are great for a party craft. Lots of fun. And you can print the patterns as many times as you wish for your own personal use, party use, or for one classroom!

15 CHRISTMAS SNOW pattern levels- Range from basic to challenging
Materials needed:
Downloaded patterns
Scissors (Any scissors will do although precision scissors work best)
Standard size copy paper, any color (If desired, download the pattern onto the paper you wish to cut)
Hole punch to access interior spaces.

Instructions included.

Ideas for the finished product include wall art, party decorations, garland, or lovely paper doilies. The paper designs also look quite striking when placed on a glass window. On a backdrop, they can make a pretty placemat.

In my shop you will also find a “Ready to Ship” book which contains the same 15 Christmas-themed paper designs as well as templates to create your own.


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