Blessings amidst Frustration

JMJ  *Take several pauses through your busy week and count your blessings, especially if it is a difficult week for you.  This was, indeed, a high-stress week for me, and so, I had to periodically remind myself many times to count my blessings, as we should around this very special holiday of Thanksgiving.

Ring the School Bell 58/180 Days

I’ll take some turkey, with a side of applications, please, and a recital for dessert.  Seriously, why are the UCLA and USC college applications due the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend?  An extra week would have been appreciated, so as not to interfere with family time.  How are we supposed to relax and enjoy the pumpkin pie?

Blessing reminder- Isn’t it great to have a holiday where we are all forced to pause and enjoy pumpkin pie and turkey with friends and family, no matter how busy we are? 

This photo is from a few years earlier, but I just love this!

I am certain that there are many more stressed-out parents and high school seniors out there, besides myself, who feel the same way!  This is nuts. (This must be the result of some unhappy and mean-spirited soul who chose the application deadline, who is  silently laughing at us right now, with his maniacal laugh, as he is preparing to enjoy his own turkey and trimmings!) Okay, so this is a little exaggerated, but still an unthoughtful deadline placed upon us.

Blessing reminder- How wonderful it is that there are so many college institutions available for our children to apply to.  Not everyone in this world has so many options.

Sabrina’s solo concert is this very Sunday, also.   Everything is causing me to be annoyed today, including the ”e” on my keyboard that keeps relentlessly sticking.  How come there are so many “e’s” in words!   For the first time in my adult life I am actually looking forward to slowing down for the holidays, a time of usual hectic-ness in itself!

Blessing reminder- Isn’t technology awesome?  How much more difficult would it be to accomplish tasks by long-hand, and how much more difficult would it be to make revisions of our work.

Currently, I have John’s video camera set up in the living room, in order to record Sabrina’s audition tape for USC which she needs to upload by the application deadline this weekend.  We have gone through 30 takes already!  We are supposed to have one continuous stream of music with very short pauses between the pieces.  In other words, it is supposed to be as if she is performing for a concert with no breaks.  The entire set is about 15 minutes long, and we are on “Take 31” so you do the math. This is swallowing up major time.  Will we ever get a good enough recording?

Blessing reminder- We are so blessed by our beautiful piano in the living room and the joy it brings to our family.  

We finally arrived at what we considered to be a very good recording of her three piano pieces.  Hurray!  But, then, to our dismay, we discovered we had no idea how to divide the music into tracks before uploading the recording.  The instructions from USC were very specific, but we had no clue how to go about it.  We obviously had waited too long to get started on this project, not realizing what needed to be done and how we would need help with the technological aspects of it. This is where a high school guidance counselor would have been most helpful in guiding us along the music application process and keeping us on “track”.

Blessing reminder- We learned some new technology skills, through trial and error, that we might be able to use in the future.   

Sarah is on hiatus from school, with a bad cold this week.  Melissa is the busy holiday bee, and has been ironing the fancy place settings for Thursday as well as making other preparations.  We cleaned out our refrigerator to make room for side dishes and for the big bird. Thank you Melissa!

Blessing reminder-  I have such a wonderful family!  

Take several pauses through your busy week and count your own blessings:)

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is an excerpt of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.

May God shower blessings on your family as he has on mine.    Annette






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