How kids can share their talents and earn income

JMJ  *For Sabrina, earning money by sharing her talent, this took the form of teaching piano to other children.  Any parent who has looked into private music lessons, knows that they are quite expensive.  Sabrina offered lessons for a fraction of the cost, since she was a novice at teaching.  Even so, she earned twice the minimum wage per hour!

Ring the School Bell 56/180 Days

Sabrina warmed up water in the teapot for hot chocolate today, to celebrate this long-awaited rainy day, as it rains very little in this part of the country. Sarah got into the cool weather mood by painting a watercolor of a snowman surrounded by his companions of dogs and birdies, modeled after a Christmas card.  Being the proud mom, I turned it into a Christmas greeting card for family.

Snowman Sarah001
Watercolor by Sarah T- art inspired by a greeting card

Being a great artist for her age, I suggested to Sarah that she offer lessons to younger kids, both for the experience and to earn a little money.  Sabrina does this by offering piano lessons to other children, and enjoys making a little income from it.  But Sarah was not interested whatsoever.  For the time being, she is very satisfied with her monthly allowance, which is $1 for every year she has been on this planet.  And that is fine.  One day, soon enough, she will have the responsibilities the rest of us have!

For those children who would like to earn a little something else than their parent’s allowance, one great way is to share the talents they possess with others to make some income.

For Sabrina, this took the form of teaching piano to other children.  Any parent who has looked into private music lessons, knows that they are quite expensive.  Sabrina offered lessons for a fraction of the cost, since she was inexperienced in this area, but still was able to earn twice the minimum wage per hour.

At first she was very nervous about interfacing with other students and their parents, but as time went on, she grew in confidence and composure.  I am rather certain that this experience helped her win her university scholarship.

It wasn’t difficult to find the first student.  All we had to do was get the word out to other parents that she was starting to teach piano.  She started with one child and worked off referrals, until she had about 6 students, the max that she wanted.

If your child is interested in entrepreneurship, take an inventory together of what their skills and talents are.  Then do a little word-of-mouth advertising.  The following books have some great ideas.  They are from IEW, the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  If you have a chance, check out the website, which is brimming with wholesome and excellent curriculum.  I imagine many of you are already familiar with Andrew Pudewa, the founder, author and speaker of this institute.

A side note, there is a free virtual winter retreat, December 9, offered on the website itself, if you care to check it out.

More news on the homefront today, Melissa needed assistance with figuring profit margin and sales commissions in math so I did my best to help her understand.  Kind of funny she came across this topic on the day I was discussing entrepreneurship with Sarah!

And, after many weeks of practice, Sabrina is ready to perform a trial recording of her audition pieces.  Her senior piano recital invites have gone out, and we already have 4 positive rsvps.  As mentioned before, the only available weekend to host the recital at the Steinway Gallery in Pasadena was Thanksgiving weekend so that may limit the size of the audience.  No worries.  A more intimate setting, with less people, is just fine by Sabrina!

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