How to Spot a Homeschool Mom

JMJ 53 *Her teenagers are still fighting to see who gets to sit next to her at Sunday Mass. She invites entire families to birthday parties.  Thus parties can involve huge numbers of homeschoolers running around in the backyard. She may still be driving a van, to load up with her kids and her friends’ kids too, even though vans are from a fad long ago.

Ring the School Bell 53/180 Days

It’s a new morning, a new day, and I feel great.  I am sure it is an answer to prayer, as I was quite down in the dumps yesterday, on Day 52 of the school year.  Already?

We did it, we reserved the Steinway Gallery for Sabrina’s senior year solo concert.  Hurray!  The concert hall is in Old Pasadena, one of our favorite locales in the area.  I whittled down the invite list to 70, since the hall only seats 60.  Being on Thanksgiving weekend, the only day that they had available, I imagine not everyone will be able to attend, so the numbers should work out fine.

A funny accomplishment, after weeks of sorting, I finally finished going through a massive heap of stuff from John’s car trunk.  He had taken the stuff out of the trunk over  the summer because we needed the space for traveling, and so,  the avalanche of miscellaneous items was regretfully  placed in my refuge, the master bedroom.  I don’t know why he lets things accumulate in his car trunk, I guess it’s like my spare bathtub, out of sight, out of mind.  Of course, being the anti-clutter crusader, I am constantly on the lookout for piles with no meaning in my house.  A temporary pile with a purpose is okay with me, but when things start piling up for no reason that’s when I put on my “Clutter Crusader” cap and cape and take action.  Well, maybe not an actual cap and cape!  Anyhow, it felt good to finally get rid of those piles.

Lets have a little fun, at my expense, mostly!  How to spot a homeschool Mom?  Okay, so these are totally me, but maybe you can see yourself in a few?

A Homeschool Mom and her Support

How to Spot a Homeschool Mom:

  1. Her teenagers are still fighting to see who gets to sit next to her at Sunday Mass.
  2. Invites entire families to birthday parties.  Thus parties can involve huge numbers of homeschoolers running around in the backyard, while her husband cringes at kids redistributing pebbles, and knocking down path lights.
  3. May still be driving a van, to load up with her kids and her friends’ kids too, even though vans have long been out of style.
  4. Counts weeding the yard, as part of physical education, and rightly so she reasons.
  5. Watches math videos instead of soap operas.
  6. Corrects mounting piles of student work while the kids are asleep, while admiring their efforts.
  7. Secretly wishes she could trade her “frequent driving miles” for a trip to Europe.
  8. Shares picture books while nursing. (That was a while back!)
  9. Quizzes her kids on spelling words while flipping the dinner burgers.
  10. Queen of multi-tasking, wearing an infinite amount of “hats” to accomplish her duties.
  11. Thought she ate lunch, but realizes her stomach is growling because she only fed the kids.
  12. Disney t-shirts makes up a large part of her wardrobe, as well as treasure-hunt finds from the local thrift shop.
  13. Organic food crusader.
  14. Does housework as a break from helping her kids with schoolwork.
  15. Loves park days even more than when she was a kid, as she can do a little socializing of her own.

If you have a feel like laughing buckets, check out the mom videos at.  I have watched a few that are hilarious:

Around the house…

Academics were a little bumpy today as the Mystery dinner party is around the corner and my mind keeps drifting to exactly how I am going to organize this thing.  The internet search engines are no help, whatsoever.  I am beginning to wonder if anyone had ever hosted a kids’ mystery dinner party.

At one point, Sarah couldn’t find her digital dictionary.  Do all moms develop an acute visual memory?  I am definitely the go-to person when you need to locate something around the house.  I knew exactly where that digital dictionary was, and told her so, “Under the pile of unfolded towels on the living room couch.”  “Thanks Mom!”  she gratefully replied.  And yes, that’s where it was.

Getting back to the craziness of my mostly self-imposed calendar, my dominant thought today was that I never, ever want to be this busy again.  But the annoying question is, what would I have elected to leave off my calendar?  Probably nothing.  Let’s just say this is a very special and unique year and one which I will remember most fondly, as I remind myself repeatedly.

I am actually looking forward to slowing down around the holidays if that makes any sense at all.  What?  Slow down for the holidays?  That has never crossed my mind in previous years.  Usually it is the other way around.

After academics, I sat down with a paper and pen and planned out the entire script to the mystery dinner.  Finally.  It looks like everyone is going to make it, about a dozen girls 10-14 years of age.  Melissa and I went on a party quest to find party favors, party food, and, of course, party prizes.  My friend Michelle dropped off things from her own mystery birthday party, that she thought I might use, posters, detective hats, handcuffs…  Okay, so this sounds like it might be fun! I am getting into the spirit of it.

Sabrina’s first university application was filed today, to the local California State Northridge University, a local but very large school which boasts a total of over 40,000 students!

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is an excerpt of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.

May God shower blessings on your family as he has on mine.    Annette




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