Crazy-Busy-Life Coping Strategy

JMJ 50  *I seriously needed a break and so we took the afternoon off and went shopping at Old Navy while Sabrina was in class.  I was looking at old photos recently, and realized that not only has my wardrobe not changed in years, but just about every shirt has a Disney character on it.  Maybe time for a change?

Ring the School Bell 50/180 Days

I feel like I am on a bullet train.  Every two weeks there is a major event to plan for. College admissions applications are due now.  Then there are the regular academics and commuting to art, piano, and the community college multiple times a week.  Thank goodness, I had the sense to stop my paying job, to open up room for this year’s duties!

The sequence of events, all spaced a couple of weeks apart include:  Halloween kid’s party, Melissa’s mystery dinner 12th birthday party,  Sabrina’s solo concert at the Steinway Galleria, and a Christmas Around the World celebration with the homeschool group on December 13, which, of course, sounded like fun to sign up for at the time.  (I should have listened to my own advice, in “How to Keep  Balance in Your Family’s Schedule” a previous blog post)  This is schedule insanity! I’ll get through, however, and it will be a very memorable year, I am certain.

I seem to be revisiting this topic a lot this year!  Besides jumping off the bullet train, here are a few strategies to revitalize yourself, that have been tried and tested by me and others I am sure:

  • I find comfort in taking a 20 or 30-minute break to read spiritual/inspirational literature.  Or listen to an inspirational speaker.  I personally love the following two speakers:

Joel Osteen.

Matthew Kelly (3-minute video reflection on when life gets messy)

  • Take a hike or a walk and enjoy God’s nature, such a wonderful gift to us.
  • Go shopping for an hour or two, especially if you never treat yourself this way.  We have this thrift store down the street that supplies most of our wardrobe.  We look at it as a treasure hunt, never knowing exactly what we will find. Or indulge yourself a little at the mall, and get yourself cushy towels to replace the old ragged ones in your bathroom.  One tip my good friend Laura gave me a couple of years ago, was to make an extra effort and and try on some clothes for yourself when shopping for your children.  It is so easy to forget about ourselves.  I think that is how I ended up with so many Disney shirts.  Too much time at the Disney store with the kids!
  • Remind yourself that you are in control, and perhaps cancel an activity or two.
  • Take a 20-minute power nap.
  • Get that big pink eraser out, and push forward your kids’ ambitious lesson plans.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Take a day trip with your entire family on the weekend, maybe to a state park or the beach.  Your spouse may need a break too.
Enjoy God’s nature

I needed time to regroup today, and reevaluate what to do to preserve my sanity. I decided to cancel art classes until January, and enlisted John’s help in driving the kids to piano classes.  And I used my own advice, and picked up that big pink eraser, while feeling a sense of control returning to me, as I pushed Sarah’s algebra lessons forward in order to free up time to plan Melissa’s party.  It’s a crazy year to be planning a birthday party, but it’s a tradition in our family that each child gets a birthday party every other year, and I am really trying to have integrity.

In the afternoon I took a break and went shopping at Old Navy while Sabrina was at class.  I was looking at old photos recently, and realized that, not only has my wardrobe not changed in years, but just about every shirt has a Disney character on it.  Maybe time for a change?  I rarely shop, as it usually doesn’t make the top 5 list of things to do, but the girls desperately needed jeans the next size up, sweaters and such.  Melissa was ecstatic to find a gray pea coat and a new sweater.  Sarah found some tops, and I even found a zippered sweat jacket.  I imagine the weather will finally take a turn and we’ll get to wear a little warmer clothes!

Oh no! Our ’99 GMC stalled a bit at the mall, hopefully not a sign of more car trouble.

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is an excerpt of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.

May God shower blessings on your family as he has on mine.    Annette



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