8 Steps to Creating a Winning Science Fair Project

JMJ 38  *First of all, it is important to remember your child should be doing this primarily to learn more about science concepts, with a possibility of winning.  If you are entering the science fair solely to win, you will miss some of the enjoyment of it all.  But, your child will certainly increase their chance of taking first place with a few suggestions.

Ring the School Bell 38/180 Days

8 Steps to Creating a Great Science Fair Project

  1. Do your research.  The internet is a good source for ideas.  Steve Spangler, one of my favorite science guys, has a Science Fair Survival Guide for Parents, which is insightful.  He also has several ideas to get you started on a science project with your child, at this link- https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/science-fair-project-ideas/
  2. Prepare something you and your child are totally excited about.  Your enthusiasm will be contagious.
  3. Start working on the project way beforehand.
  4. Try the experiment over and over again for consistency, or else your child might be setting themselves up for an embarrassing moment in front of peers.
  5. Keep it scientific, using the Scientific Method.
  6. Think about the audience while preparing visuals and explanations.  Keep it simple and understandable, but pay attention to detail.  By starting early, your child can make it stand out and be special.
  7. Practice the presentation before the actual event many times in front of family, friends, or anyone who will lend an ear.
  8. If your child has followed the above diligently, be proud and think about the science and skills learned through this experiment, regardless of whether or not your child wins.

Realizing this is not an exhaustive list, are there any more ideas I can add?


Getting back to my family journal…

Ring the School Bell 38/180 days- And the winner is?

What fun was the science fair this year!  Parents were taken on a delightful tour of all the science projects, as presented by their students.  There were exhibits on Pompeii, volcano dynamics, geysers, anatomy of cells, a motor-operated robot, potential and kinetic energy demonstrations, a mechanical arm, among numerous others.

And the winner of the science fair? Congratulations Melissa!  She won the science fair prize with her Mentos geyser exhibit which included a poster of the scientific method.  She redemonstrated the geyser effect several times in the host’s backyard, entertaining the many kids there.

Oops!  Someone’s project got a little out of hand.

Meanwhile, the moms had a lovely time conversing about such things as family trips, household management ideas, and the healthcare act (not so lovely).  Lots of fun and laughter today.

Afterwards, I returned to the aftermath of everything at my house.  John again complained, to my understanding, “I can’t find a square inch to sit down and eat!”  But it was not time to tidy up just yet.  Sometimes there are more important things.  And so we drove ourselves over to John’s office and presented John’s brother, aka Uncle Paul, with a balloon, chocolates and a page-a-day historical calendar for his birthday.  We all proceeded, John, Paul, myself and the girls to celebrate at Chik-fil-A for dinner.  Not fancy, but fine fun for all.

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is an excerpt of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.

May God shower blessings on your family as he has on mine.    Annette



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  1. Thank you for making such an inspiring post 🙂 It shows and reminds us all how homeschoolers can really succeed in the real world!

    1. Your welcome! Homeschoolers are starting to get noticed as enthusiastic self-starters with creative minds, as one of my college daughters mentioned her professor was telling her class, without even knowing that my daughter had been homeshcooled herself!

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