Ring the School Bell 26/180- Thank you Barnes and Noble for sticking around

*Plumeria flower photo by Melissa T

    Today I envied those mothers who drop their kids off at school, and come back home to a little “peace and quiet”. Inundated with business-related paperwork, university applications, and papers to correct, it would have been an easier task without  the daily distractions.  Not to be.

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes I just want to be alone.

    Good thing that good moods, and good health prevailed in our home today.  Outdoors it was a beautiful fall day.  In the afternoon, I chauffeured Sabrina to her Interior Design class, and stayed in the neighborhood with Sarah and Melissa to browse in our favorite hang-out of all, the bookstore. The secret to an enthusiastic reader is access to the library or a bookstore.  When a child has access to engaging books, they soon want to know what the words say.   And there it all begins.  Teaching reading in the absence of quality literature is a losing battle.  I am referring to nonfiction as well as fiction, whatever the child is interested in.  Melissa and Sabrina liked the story picture books.  Sarah preferred all things science from the very beginning.  Anyhow, our family all loves to wander down the aisles of the bookstore, enjoying whatever captivates our attention. Barnes and Noble has stayed faithful to those of us who still love to read a paper book instead of reading everything on-line.  I much prefer to support a physical bookstore, and when I have a chance, I do.  A big thank you to you Barnes and Noble!  I wish you weren’t twenty miles away.  All the other bookstores in our area have closed up shop already.  Sarah, Melissa, and I all added items to our Christmas and birthday wish lists, before picking up Sabrina and making our way back home.

Fall Blessings 001
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Fall Blessings 003

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is part of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.  Every day’s blog entry coincides with a day from that special year.  It can be read from the beginning by selecting the “Ring the School Bell 180” category on the side bar.  Commence with the narrative, “The School Bell- What comes to mind when ‘you’ hear that bell?” and follow along with us day-by-day through the school year.  Hope you will join us!


May God shower blessings on your family as he has on mine.    Annette



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