Ring the School Bell 21/180- Wacky scholarships, memorizing Mozart, Bunnies on the lam, and Operation project pick-up… all in the same day!

*buzzing bee and butterflies photo by Sarah T

           Just reading the title of this narrative is making me drowsy.  Today was scattered all over the place, like the runaway bunnies described below.  It was definitely a “God-get -me-through” kind of day.

          The middle of the night is a great time to get things done around here.  It’s the only time I can truly enjoy distraction-free thinking.  The price is usually being fatigued the next day, but once in a while I still do it.  I am now wondering if I only imagined the scholarships I found out there, while surfing the web in the late night and early hours of morning.  Some seemed so absurd.  Just a few kooky ones: Asparagus club scholarship, Duck tape scholarship challenge where contestants create prom outfits out of Duck tape (that one actually sounded kind of cool!), tall people and short people scholarships, duck- calling scholarship contest, clowns of America scholarship, and a creative sandwich scholarship!

Might there be a pioneer scholarship?

      We’ll work on free money later, right now, memorizing Mozart is primary on Sabrina’s agenda.  A 20-page Sonata waits to be heard by music department heads, including UCLA, Loyola, Pepperdine, and CSUN.  Yikes!  USC requires that she play a memorized 45 minutes of music, including 4 different pieces with no breaks in between.  And this is for the prescreening round.  Needless to say, we are all listening to Sabrina’s sonatas and other piano pieces round-the-clock!

Melissa's ipod photos 037
Hopefully admissions will think piano is Sabrina’s superpower!

        I was tired all morning, having stayed up late researching scholarships the night before, so every little problem seemed magnified.  Poor little Melissa was still sick with a cold and sore throat.   And everything I needed seemed to be missing.  Where were the ballpoints?  Where were the pencils?  Maybe they were coherting with the missing socks. I did finally find a pencil with a broken lead.  I don’t understand.  I buy these things all the time.

          I wasn’t supposed to be the one taking care of the bunnies, but with everyone’s tickly noses and sneezing, I am now the designated bunny-feeder.  Today, in the process of feeding them, I had inadvertently left the bunny gate open just for a moment, and the bunnies wasted no time hopping right out.  As I turned around from filling their feeders, there they were, four bunnies hopping happily around the yard.  “Free at last”, I am sure  they were thinking, as they frolicked ecstatically and jumped into the air with joy.  I looked this up, and it is called a rabbit binkie.  It is adorable to watch.  The rabbit jumps up into the air and simultaneously twists his body and kicks his feet in joy.  I had a heck of a time getting them back into their hutch, though.  Good bunny “Truffles”, was the only one who had obediently stayed in the enclosure.   Larry and Genghis I coaxed back in pretty easily, but Ewok and Attila were in no hurry and appeared to enjoy being chased by the shouting homeschooling teacher.  After 30 minutes or so of this craziness, I brought out my final secret weapon, a head of fresh Romaine which would have made a nice lunch for us, but I was rather desperate by now.  Yes! I will be securing the gate with much more diligence from now on.

Hopefully I have at least earned the bunnies’ respect!

          To close the day, Sarah and I picked up the 30-plus fair projects, a 3-hour drive there and back to the Pomona Fairgrounds.  County fair projects are serious business around here!  Sarah is a wonderful companion on a road trip, and we had those few hours just to ourselves, after our busy work-filled day.

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is part of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.  Every day’s blog entry coincides with a day from that special year.  It can be read from the beginning by selecting the “Ring the School Bell 180” category on the side bar.  Commence with the narrative, “The School Bell- What comes to mind when ‘you’ hear that bell?” and follow along with us day-by-day through the school year.  Hope you will join us!

May God shower blessings on your family as he has on mine.    Annette







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