Ring the School Bell 15/180- Arctic polar bears journey through perilous wilderness with homeschoolers…at the Imax

            I know, it is kind of soon for yet another field trip!  Most days, even on trip days, we do the sit-down portion of our studies in the a.m., so there really is no cause for concern here:) Since today the girls were attending a science workshop at the California Science Center in downtown Los Angeles, we decided to see the current Imax film there, 3D Arctic. It was about a family of polar bears facing different perils during the different seasons of the year in the Arctic wilderness they call home. Brr! I could almost feel the cold coming off the screen as we watched the show.  The close-up photos of the mother polar bear and her two cubs were spectacular.


             This science center, as well as other science discovery centers in the city, has brought such enrichment to our lives.  Science centers in general, get a humongous endorsement from me.  For a small yearly membership fee,  over the years we have received free passes to previews of many exhibits, such as Pompeii, the Endeavor Space Shuttle, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.  In one instance, we had the privilege of meeting the astronauts of the space shuttle Endeavor as they were signing it over to the city of Los Angeles. On another occasion, we met the directors of the Imax show Humpback Whales while they discussed the challenges of filming the whales.  The free popcorn and drinks were a big hit with the kids too!  We were also privileged to hear the actual directors of the Imax show Jerusalem explain how they coordinated their efforts over many years to weave through the lives of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish living in their separate quarters to get a feel of this most holy city.  It was so beautiful and touching. But my all-time favorite science center Imax show was the Great Monarch Migration and the scientist who courageously documented it, one butterfly at a time! Lots of knowledge transmitted here at the science center!

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Plumeria photo by Melissa

            As usual Melissa and Sarah were not too enthusiastic it was science day again, but afterwards, they were eager to show me their hands-on projects. Hands-on science projects, including dissections, are just not something we routinely do at home, as interesting as they are, so it is one of those areas which I happily delegate.  Today, after dropping them off, I decided to go on a little adventure of my own, as across the street, where I had never thought of venturing before, was the University of Southern California.  Dodging the student bicyclists, I made my way through the main thoroughfare, accented by beautiful gushing fountains and manicured flower beds. Yes, I could tell it was privately funded and well-endowed. Being an older university in the area, the architecture was reminiscent of my Indiana University days in the midwest, with lots of beautiful stone masonry and style. Sabrina will apply here.  Can I apply too? I really wasn’t prepared for the college application process this year.  Most of my friends have children the same age or younger, and I just didn’t see it coming.  I didn’t realize I should have been doing what I am doing now, a year ago.  For example, we inquired too late as to the requirements of the music school, which apparently is quite renowned.  She will have to memorize a 20-minute sonata as well as two other pieces within 6 weeks or so. Now that’s a way to screen prospective students!  Sabrina’s piano teacher actually discouraged the idea, but Sabrina wants to give it her best shot, and so we will.  We’ll get through this somehow.

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Wonder of Life photo by Melissa

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