Ring the School Bell 13/180- Yardwork for P.E.?

            Way too many errands interfering today with studies:  bank deposits (kind of necessary!), Goodwill donations, Walmart necessities, JoAnn’s and Michael’s craft stores (always a project going on around here), World Market (can’t remember why), and finally a truly glorious Caramel Macchiatto from the coffee shop, way overdue from several days ago.  At home, I directed school traffic and chores. Cancellation opportunities abounded in Melissa’s math work to her great joy. Okay, maybe not great joy, but to her relief she understood it. After hours of pondering and tweeking her assignment, Sabrina completed her Interior Design project and I must say it turned out lovely.

Sabrina’s Interior Design Project

            A book report on the Chronicles of Narnia was turned in by Sarah.  Sarah also worked on her P.E. goals.  Landscaping the yard is one of her favorite past-times these days, and will amount to much of her P.E. credit.  Did I cross the line here?  Maybe a little, maybe not.  But I think it is so important to tap into your child’s passions as much as possible.  So really, what is the difference between lifting weights and lifting a shovel full of dirt? Or working up a sweat cultivating the earth rather than running on a treadmill? And in the end, what might prove more self-satisfying?  To Sarah, I know a beautifully manicured hillside, and a gorgeous flower bed has more intrinsic value. We do, of course, include other activities for physical education such as trekking in the nearby hills, swimming at the beach, hiking around Disneyland:), and power-walking around the neighborhood. Developing soccer muscles and team spirit would be awesome, but we elected not to participate in team sports, in part, because of John’s work schedule. Regrettably, he arrives home every night between 9-10pm, so his only real family time is on the weekends, when we like to hang out and go places, that is, if he doesn’t have files to catch up on at the office.  He really does work very hard to support our family and I really do appreciate that.  Correcting work and lesson planning culminated my scattered but productive day.

Melissa doing yardwork for P.E.

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is part of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.  Every day’s blog entry coincides with a day from that special year.  It can be read from the beginning by selecting the “Ring the School Bell 180” category on the side bar.  Commence with the narrative, “The School Bell- What comes to mind when ‘you’ hear that bell?”

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