Ring the School Bell 11/180- Joy of a new nephew

           A sweet cuddly nephew joined our family today, which brightened everyone’s day. I truly wish I could be there in Indiana with my sister Katie to celebrate and help her out. My decision to move out here years ago as a young adult was a good one in many respects, but I sure do miss the physical presence of my family- my mom and dad, as well as two sisters and a brother, and nephews and nieces. I have a small in-law presence here in California, but I do really miss my own family.  Thankfully, my parents and I take turns flying out to see each other.

Did the outdoor animals sense the joy in the air, at the news of baby Reid’s arrival?  It seemed that way, although the markedly lower temps might have had something to do with it!  The birds were extra chirpy, and Ewok the bunny was racing laps around the enclosure, as swift as the pig racers at the fair. We brought our schoolwork outside and were pleasantly distracted by the finches and sparrows swooping down to our small fountain to sip some water or take a bath.

John, my husband, was the only one suffering from a stress-filled morning as he worked on the computer trying to figure out how he was going to convert all his paper files to electronic billing, a new government mandate for all doctors.  He was stressed to the point of making himself sick, and was suffering from a bit of chest congestion.  Poor guy. Although it has its benefits, new technology has brought its share of misery to our lives.

Backyard birds

On a happier note, Sabrina was in charge of lunch and prepared some yummy turkey sliders.  I regularly assign meals to prepare in this family.  When my energy levels are low or the time is tight, this is a godsend.  Cooking skills are learned and mom gets a break.  It’s awesome to sit down to a fully-prepared meal, as simple as it might me, that someone else put together. It seems it tastes better too, when I am relaxed and it was prepared by a loving family member.

Okay, I will say it, I kind of deserve it, after the thousands of meals I have prepared for my children in their youth!  To avert most complaints, I do clean up afterwards.  John is not the cooking type and is regretfully not home during the dinner hour, but maybe you are luckier than me and can get your spouse involved as well!  You are really doing your children a big favor by teaching them valuable cooking skills, and chances are they will thank you for it later in life, eventually, down the road, sometime…

Grayhawk needs a bath too

          Sabrina’s English 101 course is proving to be quite academically challenging.  It is an on-line class, with no lectures, only readings, which presents a challenge in itself.  The professor teaches the same exact class in person at the college, yet does not record his lectures for his on-line students.  I don’t understand why not.

Anyways, she is getting through it and had a rough draft due on-line tonight by the stroke of midnight.  The seconds ticked away as my stress level rose.  I stayed awake with her for moral support as she reworked her paper again and again.  She wanted it to be absolutely perfect.  My brain kept screaming “just submit it!” as I tried to project calmness for her sake.  She did finally submit it, at 11:55pm.  This mom is signing off now.  Good night!

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** Note to the Reader- Today’s narrative is part of our family’s school journey from a few years ago, during my eldest daughter’s senior year in high school, a rather emotional year, with its many ups and downs.  Every day’s blog entry coincides with a day from that special year.  It can be read from the beginning by selecting the “Ring the School Bell 180” category on the side bar.  Commence with the narrative, “The School Bell- What comes to mind when ‘you’ hear that bell?”

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